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Pen & Ink

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Works that focus on the black of the ink, the white of the paper, and the values that can be created therein.

All illustrations are hand-drawn, using different traditional tools. The grays are ink diluted with water, and some of the rougher textures are created with old brush pens or markers that are nearly out of ink. When the pieces are scanned, they are then touched up using photo editing software.

Tools: dip pens, calligraphy ink, fineliners, brush pens, fountain pens.
Surfaces: sketchbooks with thick paper that have a bit of tooth.

Animals (2020)

Objects & Arrangements (2020)

Landscapes & Locations

Collected in Linesmitheri 2019


Linesmitheri 2019

A curated collection of pen & ink landscape illustrations in e-book form. Features places from the Philippines, Switzerland and Italy.

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