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Darwin & Plop | Let's Go!

Darwin & Plop (2019)

Darwin is on a quest to prepare for his next fishing trip. Plop is on a quest to fill her empty stomach. These two seemingly unrelated activities bring together this unlikely pair.

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The concept for this short was developed by myself, Savy Lalo and Paowee Bobier during Tooncity Academy's What's Your Story workshop back in 2017. The final version was submitted to Animahenasyon 14, where it became part of the official list of entries for that year.

Major contributions: Creative Lead, Storyboard & Animatic, Character Design (Plop), Lead Animator



Let's Go! (2016)

A girl reluctantly accompanies her excited friend to the meet n' greet of a celebrity crush.

Originally a pitch that was developed for Animation Jam 2016 based around the theme "kilig". I was interested in exploring it within the context of a friendship, and thought it would be fun to play with the idea of someone who was friends with a fangirl.

The original team who worked on this short film was about 7-8 persons at the time, and we completed the first iteration within a truly crazy two weeks. A polished version was then submitted to Animahenasyon 10 in the same year.

Major contributions: Concept, Storyboard & Animatic, Character Design, Project Management, Animator

Other Projects

Visual Storytelling

Other story-based projects that I've worked on. Includes comics and children's book illustration.

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